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Why choose MAXI? - Because we pay extreme attention to all of the details of your project!

Our attention to detail is at the very core of every project we take on regardless of size. Thoughtful consideration and planning is given to all of the details of your project starting with our first meeting, through planning, execution and completion. A brief summary of those areas are:

  • Review all options available to you.
  • What design and style best fit your needs.
  • Consideration of all aspects unique to your project.
  • Establish and work within your budget.
  • Project planning:
    • Pre-construction – proper planning to accomplish your project with the least amount of disturbance.
    • Execution – getting the project done in a timely manner.
    • Completion – ensure all aspects are complete.
  • Communication – keeping you informed of progress and everything that is going on.
  • Your satisfaction with the end result.

We take tremendous pride in what we do and we love what we do. Go with MAXI and together we will get the project done the right way.